Thursday 4 April 2013

[Fact] - The order of calling for Action and Listener in JSF

During the coding process, sometimes, I still mix up the order that Action and ActionListener components would be triggered in JSF. In this small post, I will make a small experiment as a reminder to both you and me :).

Our test page will contain the following button:

And this is our test bean:

The following outcome was observed from the console:

At times, I tried in vain to set a property of the backing bean using <f:setPropertyActionListener> and get it out in the method inside actionListener. Don't make the same mistake :P!

From the above outcome, the actionListener attribute of the button is always called first while the action attribute is always called last. For the others, they will be called based on the order in which you declare them inside the button.

Hope this helps! :)

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