Thursday 28 March 2013

[How To] - Change the context root of your EAR project

In your EAR project, normally, you will have a WAR project named yourproject-war, which would also be the context-root of your application if you don't make necessary changes. I have seen many tutorials on the Internet instructing people to update their WAR project's glassfish-web.xml or sun-web.xml file and add the following line:

The above solution will NOT work without deploying the WAR project directly!

What you should do, instead, is to update your EAR project's application.xml file which should be found inside your EAR project's Configuration Files folder in NetBeans.

If the file is not there, simply right-click on your EAR project, choose New and create a Standard Deployment Descriptor.

After opening the application.xml file, the next task is straight-forward.

Good luck! :)

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