Wednesday 27 March 2013

[How To] - Handle Unicode contents obtained using PrimeFaces

At times, when you try to persist Unicode contents (e.g. Chinese characters), that are obtained using PrimeFaces's components, to the database and read back, you will see tons of question marks on your browser. For a detailed discussion on the root cause of this problem, please refer to the following answer of BalusC on StackOverflow.

To fix this issue, you need to make the following changes:
  • Add these 2 properties to your JDBC connection.
  • Re-configure the server to use UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 as default coding. Using GlassFish, you simply need to add the following line to your project's glassfish-web.xml file:
Note: To have a better understanding of how to properly handle Unicode characters in JSF, please refer to the following article by BalusC: Unicode - How to get the character right?

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